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VSI Control•Able™

VSI Control•Able™ Appliance / Service ®

Keep Workstations Working! Control / Manage your Entire Environment regardless of whether you have Microsoft Active Directory®, Novell eDirectory®, neither, or both.

• Enforce Policies;

• Provide Remote Access;

• Deploy Software;

• Deploy Patches;

• Make Applications Self-Healing ;

• Take and Deploy Workstation and Server Images- even automate this activity;

Bare Metal Image Deployment;

Log on to any machine with appropriate privileges as a Dynamic Local User;

• Manage Assets, Inventories; and

• More.

Combine VSI Control•Able™ with VSI Predict•Able™ for the ultimate IT Management experience!

VSI Control•Able™ Service ® Managed by: Viable Solutions, Inc.

Physical or Virtual Appliance with Corresponding Software

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