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VSI Express•Able™ - Hosted Novell GroupWise, Executive White Paper

Viable Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1986 and is a world renown expert in Networking Infrastructure and Collaboration.

Viable Solutions, Inc. is a Novell ASP and Partner, as well as a Partner with Microsoft, GWAVA, Portlock, Zvetco Biometrics, Corel, Symantec, and many others.

We have been featured in a number of national publications, won numerous Partner of the Year, Service, and Technical Excellence Awards, including winning Novell's Service Excellence Award multiple times. Our CEO & President is active on the Gartner Custom Research Business Panel, Gerson Lehrman Group Council, Microsoft Partner research Panel, and has won the Novell CNE of the Year Award.

Our company started with GroupWise, working with it since its inception at WordPerfect Corporation. We grew our business based on providing support for that product, and over the years we have grown to support many other Novell, and other manufacturer’s products. In fact, we not only sell and support these products, but we participate on the Development Testing Teams and have direct input in to the direction and feature sets of these products, including GroupWise. We are recognized within Novell, with 3rd Party Manufacturers, Customers, and others around the globe as one of the world’s foremost leading experts with all aspects of Novell GroupWise.

As the industry has evolved, so has Viable Solutions, Inc. adding Microsoft, Linux, and other software and hardware product lines to our offerings. One of the most exciting additions is our Private Corporate Cloud and Cloud Based Hosted Services. We invested heavily in our CEO’s vision of providing Software and Infrastructure as a Service. In addition, we partnered with industry and world technology leaders in their respective areas, to build a robust and secure infrastructure in order to provide these services. We have accomplished this in such as reliable and unique manner, that we can even provide Hybrid solutions, unlike anyone else, where we can take over the Hosting of either all or portions of not just your product lines, but your environment, while leaving as much control with your organization as you’d like. This provides a great benefit to product integration, customer control and confidence, and the elimination of undesirable user impact.

With our hosting of GroupWise, we provide a number of enhancements and beyond those of the native product. These improve administration and reliability as well as redundancy. Some of these are completely unique, such as multiple intra-day backups and the ability to synchronize backups to your own environment. Please see our features in our separate brochure.

Our hosting and Cloud based options are provided via SAS 70 Level II Compliant environments that are Tier-3b or Tier 4 compliant.

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