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VSI Protect•Able™

VSI Protect•Able™ Service ®

Viable Solutions, Inc.'s eMail Security Service ® is an automated security service protecting your Internet eMail communications. It is designed to reduce the impact of unsolicited eMail (SPAM) and the threat of virus attacks. It uses multi-layered scanners, multiple sophisticated algorithms, and automated artificial intelligence optimization, to identify and remove unwanted eMail before entering your eMail system.

Operating at the gateway level, VSI Protect•Able™ scans all eMail traffic entering and leaving your network. By eliminating any problems at the gateway in our environment, we reduce or eliminate any risk to your environment from eMail. In addition, this increases the efficiency and speed of both internal and external processes within your corporate network by significantly reducing the amount of eMail that your internal system has to process at all. So, you should see dramatic reductions in unwanted messages getting in to the recipient's eMail account, the elimination of eMail borne viruses and attacks, and with multi-tiered connection level blocking technologies, Archive Reports are unnecessary- although available if desired

Users Can Get Archive Reports- but they won't need them

An Archive Report is a personal eMail digest automatically delivered to the end-user (intended recipient) listing all Quarantined SPAM within a specified period of time. Clicking the Release button the user himself or herself instructs the VSI Protect•Able™ server to forward the blocked message directly to the that recipient's mail box securely, privately and in real-time. However, the vast majority of customers has requested that we stop sending these reports. Why? Because there is almost never an item that needs to be released. This system is strategically designed so that "False Positives" (the blocking of legitimate eMail) are incredibly rare. Further, each user can log in to the Quarantine Management System at any time to search for and release items from their own personal quarantine, even though there is never likely to be a reason to do so.

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