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If eMail is critical to your business, you need a reliable and accessible retention and archiving system. You likely have key documents, communications from customers, and agreements stored in you eMail system, but no real good way for anyone but the involved users to access them. These practices are all to common, but detrimental to the long term performance of any eMail system, and possibly to the organization itself.


For example, if you become involved in a lawsuit, you will be expected to provide accurate documentation of related emails during discovery. Without an archiving system, you may not have complete records and at the very least, you can count on it taking a long time to sift through and locate all related emails; or


If you are required to have open records and don’t have an archiving system, you will probably find that you are not compliant with open records policies.

Our flexible interface allows administrators and users to tab between tasks, perform diagnostics, monitor statuses and work with increased efficiency. You can also use Retain from any location using a browser, making retrieving an archived email easy from anywhere.

• Simple end-to-end solution for storing, searching and making eMail discoverable and portable

• Lets you deploy with the technology you prefer

• Uses scalable and flexible architecture for speed

• Makes discovered data portability easy and flexible with its PDF and Publishing capability

• Offers multiple platform choices and runs inside VMware

• Provides a rich client for easy exporting, publishing and viewing of archived email

• Leverages latest message flags to allow for policy-based archiving

Features like Browser from Anywhere access, Deletion Manager, Litigation Hold, Index Engine Options, Single Instance Storage, and a rich client for exporting and viewing, should make Retain•Able™ your top choice.

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