Viable Solutions for Today's Environments means taking technology for granted.

"Platforms, Products, Location, Time of Day, Physical, Virtual, none of that matters any more.  What matters is that those who need to access material can do so as required, without fail, without issue, and without concern."

-Eliot Lloyd Lanes


Cloud and Hosted Solutions

(A bit about our Infrastructure and Approach)


In 2005 Viable Solutions, Inc. began building the infrastructure to provide a Safe, Secure, Robust, Reliable, and Flexible Private Corporate Cloud for new and existing

customers.  Mr. Lanes had the insight to realize that the emerging direction of enterprise technology was to be Security, Off-site Storage, Data Replication, Disaster

Preparedness and Recovery, Uninterrupted Accessibility, Internal infrastructure Down-sizing, and Software as a Service.  In addition, this environment makes
more affordable than ever before, so that even smaller businesses and individuals can take advantage and benefit from it.


Secure and Reliable

Today, Viable Solutions, Inc. delivers on all this and more.  All our Cloud and Hosted technology is provided from SAS 70 Level II Compliant Network Operation

Centers (NOC) that are either Tier-3b or Teir-4 rated.  All communication is encrypted, as is storage (unless otherwise specified by the customer).  Our main offices are

regularly tested for vulnerabilities by TrustKeeper, and have never failed a test.


Optimized for YOU!

To further improve our position, we implemented a unique approach to providing Cloud based services.  This approach allows us to provide a "Hybrid" infrastructure to

organizations that want to maintain some administrative controls and user conveniences.  This allows certain technologies to still be managed by your own staff using the

regular tools they are accustomed to.  It also allows for user side conveniences such as a single sign-on experience.


Your Privacy, Your Data- Protected

First, let me say this right off- You Own Your Data!

  • We Don’t Sell Information: Viable Solutions, Inc. does not sell any information regarding clients, customers, or subscribers
  • We Don’t Give Out Your Information: Viable Solutions, Inc. does not provide any information relating to a Client to any organization not specifically and
    directly involved with the performance of our agreed upon duties to said Client.
  • We Don’t Access Your Data: Viable Solutions, Inc. does not access the data of any Client participating in any Hosted, Delivered, or Other Service unless
    specifically directed to do so by the Client.
  • We Protect the Physical Location of our Equipment that Houses Your Data: Viable Solutions, Inc. Does not allow any unauthorized physical access to
    equipment where Client data or information is stored. These areas are protected by Biometric and physical security measures.
  • We Use Advanced Enterprise Level Automated Security Solutions to Prevent Unauthorized Access: Viable Solutions, Inc. implements and maintains
    reasonable technological safeguards to prevent unauthorized access. These include but are not limited to:
    • Firewall services (certified by ICSA Labs),
    • IPsecbased VPN services,
    • NICI encryption, and an FIPS-140 validated encryption engine.


 We also use multiple layers of technologies to thwart the efforts of Hackers, SPAMMERS, and the delivery or propagation of Viruses. 


So as you can see, it is the goal of Viable Solutions, Inc. to provide you with the ultimate positive experience

while improving and enhancing your technological environment to meet and exceed YOUR needs.