I had used Viable Solutions for about 1.5 years at my previous employer prior to starting my own firm. The technical support guy that I had been using there had made a royal mess out of our system over time to the point where it was about on its last legs. I think Eliot got a little more than what he was bargaining for when I hired him but nevertheless he persevered. I was shocked at the outcome! Once I was able to give him access to our network, he guided me through a reinstall of the entire OS over the phone while at the same time tuning the OS remotely. It was really quite amazing.


Needless to say, when I started my own firm he was literally my first phone call. I trusted him to help me get my new firm up and running. I have happily been using Viable-Solutions for many years now. They are always willing to explain things they do for us, especially new products and services and help us make full use of the services we have with them.


He and his crew are very prompt and seem to be solving multiple user issues at the same time. Every bit of it is done remotely for us and you would never know the difference. They have helped me out of jams, even when it's my doing, even after hours. I think they truly enjoy solving the problems and helping their clients get the best from their networks.


I trust Eliot and his crew to make the best of our systems and enable my small firm to look professional and perform efficiently. He is always very professional and keeps us in the loop as things come up that might affect our services. I wish everyone else we worked with did the same.


I recently entrusted them with upgrading our entire server network with all new hardware. They introduced us to virtual machines which has been quite a benefit for us.



Douglas(Doug) G. Fitzpatrick P.E., LEED AP

Fitzpatrick Engineering Group, PLLC

Structural Engineers