Subject: Viable-Solutions and our interactions over the past 15 plus years.

              My name is Tom Simmons and I am the Network Administrator for The Office of The Public Defender/10th Circuit. We are located on the third floor of the Courthouse in Bartow, Florida. I have worked continuously in this office from October of 1997 to the present time. When I came aboard Eliot and his organization were already an integral part of the office network structure and organization. I started here as a computer technician and have been fortunate enough to continue into the current position I occupy of Network Admin. Over the years, I have worked extremely close with Eliot and his staff. The experience has been nothing short of amazing. I tend to stay away from hyperbole when describing a business relationship. By definition you expect contractual parties to honor stated commitments, work effectively, be available and provide insight and guidance where needed as you move through all the normally occurring network issues. My time here has been marked with the unavoidable computer problems, network events and administrative decisions that go hand and hand with this profession. I can honestly say that Viable-Solutions has been more than just a business partner in this ongoing circumstance. Eliot has provided us with reliable troubleshooting when needed, expert technical services to often times avoid potential problems before they occur and where warranted strong suggestions regarding direction that would be advantageous to our organization from a network perspective.

The one thing, in my mind, that separates Eliot from many of the other companies and individuals that I have also worked with over the years, is the selflessness with which Viable-Solutions partners with my office. Many times, we have worked outside of the typical work hours or work days. If the need is such, phone calls are not limited to designated work hours. The concern has been and continues to be solutions. Viable-Solutions has often suggested directions that might not prove financially beneficial to them. The guiding principle has been what is best for The Public Defender's Office and in my mind that is a unique relationship. It indicates a quality of concern that, though mindful of the bottom line, is not motivated by it. We (I) consider Viable-Solutions to be our partners in the truest sense of the word.

I have spoken more to the integrity of this business relationship than to the skills provided. Let me be absolutely clear, that skill set is unsurpassed, in my opinion, by any and every other Network-Solution provider we have dealt with in my time here. I have experienced practically every possible problem, ranging software issues to server failure. We have dealt with time sensitive problems that brought our network to a standstill and required immediate and expert responses. In times such as these, when the problem surpassed the resources we had available, Viable-Solutions always stepped into the breach when requested. The response time from Viable-Solutions has always been commensurate with the level of problem. Eliot has stepped away from his dinner table, his family and his days' off to assist if the situation warranted that type response. My confidence in Eliot and his organization is immense and has been validated over the years. I can not say enough about how much they have contributed to the current stable state of our network.

In conclusion, I would offer this. My wife, an Attorney, recently opened her own office. She requested that I assist her in getting her network up and running. Time constraints prevented me from providing her with the normal day to day needs of a strong network operation. I provided her with my opinion of Viable-Solutions in general and Eliot Lanes specifically, as a dependable, effective, responsive and above all committed entity. She took my recommendation and today she is very well served by the management provided by Viable-Solutions. In my humble opinion, they are the best in the area bar none.

Tom Simmons

Network Administrator

Office of The Public Defender

10th Circuit/Courthouse

Bartow, Florida 33831